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Balance TIC Ltd. ApS is a world-wide provider of inspection and testing, aiming to ensure compliance in the global goods’ trade.

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No Inspection too big or too small


I, Rikke Thomsen, started out as inspection coordinator in a global inspection company in January 2006.

I rapidly developed a passion for the business which was at the time much based on a learning by doing process and therefore offered me a great deal of independence and decision-making from day one.

When the chance of starting my own inspection-company presented itself after 14 years in the business it can come as no surprise that I took it.

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Wide range of inspections and testing world-wide

During the 14 years I have coordinated a wide range of inspections world-wide.

From inspection of half a pallet of packed and marked spare parts in a warehouse to monitoring of full food production processes and subsequent container loadings.

From supervision during discharge of shiploads of bananas to loading supervision and quality control of scrap metal.

From inspection and testing of food rations with a variety of testing requirements to technical inspections and Factory Acceptance Tests.

Some of the many pre-shipment inspections – if close to the office – I have performed myself.

Years of Inspection Experience

Countries of cultural business Knowledge

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Inspection and testing – the preparation

All with the purpose of offering you a good deal, kindly take note that our first questions will be as follows:


What needs to be inspected/tested  which is the commodity?

What needs to be done  what is the scope of work?


Where is the inspection/sampling location? The more exact the location, the better the quotation.
Where are the goods going? Destination country.

How much?
Please indicate the quantity of the goods to be inspected.
Rikke Thomsen

Rikke Thomsen

Chief Executive Officer

No inspection too big or too small let me assist you

My vast experience from the inspection industry enables me to assist you with inspection and testing of any type of commodity anywhere in the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


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