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Code of Integrity

Our Code of Integrity provides a high standard for professional behavior 

Code of Integrity  the background

In 2020 the founder of Balance TIC Ltd. ApS (hereinafter Balance TIC), Hanne Rikke Thomsen, has 14 years of experience from the inspection business. Besides the huge knowledge of the business she possesses a great deal of integrity, and she strongly believes that the use of transparency and honesty while dealing with customers has much to do with her success.

Integrity, transparency, and dedication are the core values of Balance TIC and must on an equal footing with knowledge of the inspection business be reflected in everything that the company does.

The purpose of the Code of Integrity is to provide a high standard for professional behavior and safeguard the core values of the company.

Application of the Code of Integrity

The code applies to all contractors, consultants, freelancers, joint-venture partners, agents, subcontractors, employees, and the management of Balance TIC, and to anyone acting on behalf of or representing Balance TIC.

Any employee of Balance TIC or anyone working for our company must sign an agreement stating that he or she will work in accordance with general professional behavior and our code of integrity.

Independent and impartial behavior

Balance TIC acts as a 3rd party inspection company independent and impartially. We work in accordance with the internationally recognized inspection and sampling methods which are applicable for whatever commodity is to be inspected. Our findings and results are true and correct. They are to be accurately documented and must not be altered improperly.

No conflicts of interest

To secure independent and impartial behavior conflicts of interests must be avoided. For instance, the inspector cannot be a relative, friend, or employee of the buyer, the seller, or the supplier of the goods to be inspected. We know that our inspectors’ objectivity is of utmost importance, and urge all inspectors working for us to keep a neutral, fair, open mind and to act without prejudice.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

Balance TIC has a zero-tolerance for bribery, corruption, and/or any other similar kind of fraud or unfair competition, and we shall withdraw from any quotation process where it is obvious that this is taking place.


We treat all information entrusted to us by customers or third parties confidentially. In the same way our findings and results are for the eyes of our customer only and any disclosure to any third party of such information, report, or certificate in connection herewith requires prior consent from our customer.

Sustainability and environmental protection

At Balance TIC we want to be the green alternative amongst inspection companies. We strive to work worldwide with the use of local inspectors, and we welcome skype meetings. This reduces the traveling activities considerably thereby the CO2 emissions can be kept low. At the same time, it will be local inspectors or a local company benefitting most from the work performed in the country where the inspection takes place, which we find is a fair and sustainable distribution.

At the office mainly equipped with recycled furniture the paperless society rules as everything is stored electronically and we are encouraged to think before printing, which again saves resources.

Human rights

Balance TIC supports and respects the internationally proclaimed human rights and the protection of the same.

No discrimination, no bullying, no sexual harassment

At Balance TIC we are interested to maintain a good work environment for everybody and to treat all people equally and with respect regardless of race, colour, gender, nationality, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, sexual orientation, social origin, social status, age, disability, or whatever. Any form of treats, verbal or psychological harassment, abuse, bullying, unwelcome sexual approaches, or inappropriate physical contact are not tolerated.

Freedom of association

Balance TIC recognizes the freely exercised right of employees, without distinction, to organize in unions, defend their interests, and to bargain collectively, and we protect them from any action, or discrimination related hereto.

No child labour and no forced labour

Balance TIC does not employ children below 16 years of age or, if higher than 16, the minimum age of employment or the age of the end of compulsory schooling in the country where our work is performed. If hired, young workers between 16 and 18 years of age are protected from any kind of work that may harm their health, safety, moral, and welfare in general.
Balance TIC prohibits forced or compulsory labour in all forms.

Occupational health and safety

Inspectors working for us must be provided with safety vests, gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, and helmets where this is required and are to report immediately on conditions from an inspection site which they have to leave due to risk of their safety.

Legal business

Balance TIC is subject to Danish Law. This means that we follow the Danish legislations regarding work environment and conditions, and salary and employment conditions. We follow the Danish Law for timely and accurate registration, documentation, and storage of vouchers in connection with bookkeeping. We process personal data with due observance of the General Data Protection Regulation and law.

And we expect for anyone working with us to comply with the applicable laws in the countries where the work is performed.

Only the Best


At Balance TIC we want to be the green alternative amongst inspection companies. We strive to work worldwide with the use of local inspectors, and we welcome skype meetings. 
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Code of Integrity

All work is carried out in accordance with the UN Code of Ethics, considering international human rights, health and safety, etc., and with an absolute zero-tolerance for corruption, discrimination, and the like.
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Quality Assured

We are passionate and serious about our services with every intention of producing accurate and timely reporting for our customers.
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